Introduction to Socket Programming on Python

bob bob_jones2002uk at
Thu Feb 27 11:49:10 CET 2003

Andrew Bennetts <andrew-pythonlist at> wrote in message news:
> I doubt you really want to work with sockets directly -- there are a number
> of libraries for Python that almost certainly do what you want, and are
> *much* easier to use than the socket module.  My favourite library for
> network programming is Twisted <>, which not only
> makes implementing a protocol far easier than using sockets directly, it
> also has lots of common protocols already implemented for you.
> What are you trying to do?
Nope, I really do want to use sockets :) I'm doing it more from an
academic viewpoint; I work as a network engineer and I may be doing a
course sometime in the next year on network programming. I want to get
a head start on it.

I could try looking at perl / C socket tutorials but I'm much more
comfortable in Python since I use it most of the time.

I just want some examples since I find they are the easiest way to
learn usually; you can play with them and change things until you
really understand them. I usually learn much more from 10 lines of
code than a chapter in a text book!



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