One drawback of python...

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Thu Feb 13 00:13:45 CET 2003

Paul Nilsson <python.newsgroup at> wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Feb 2003 09:10:33 -0500, an infinite amount of monkeys
> hijacked the computer of Peter Hansen <peter at> and wrote:
>>There's a solution to that, I suppose, which I've been using for about
>>two years now.  Don't "go back" to those other languages...  this is the
>>approach to the question of whether to use another language. ;-)
> Thats a nice idea but often you don't get to choose, and your
> la-la-la-la approach will lose you jobs. I'd love to work with python
> but I think the reality is I'll still be using Java and C for some
> time to come. Like the original poster says this can be a disadvantage
> once you've tasted the good life.

So shrug your shoulders, use Java or C when it's required, and point out
from time to time that you wish you could have done that bit in Python
because it would have been much simpler.

And thus is born another Python evangelist... :-)

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