ANN: Leo 3.11b1 outlining editor

Andrea Galimberti andrea_galimberti at
Mon Feb 24 09:42:00 CET 2003

Edward K. Ream wrote:
> The plugin has an "idle" hook that checks for changes in
> the outline and updates node the outline if only the external file has
> changed.  If _both_ the external outline and the corresponding node in the
> outline have changed there is a conflict, and the plugin will ask you what
> you want to do.

Well, this already works if you modify the node both in the outline and 
in vim.

The point is:
1) click on an icon to open the node in vim
2) modify the node only in the _outline_
3) click again on the icon to update the node in vim

This doesn't update anything in vim because Leo reopens the temporary 
file created during the operation number 1 above.
Is there a way to tell Leo that in such a case the temporary file should 
be discarded an recreated with the new outline contents?

Thanks in advance.

\bye, Andrea

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