scp module for python ?

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On Fri, 07 Feb 2003 09:06:45 +0000, Michele Simionato wrote:

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>> Hello,
>> I don't know if such a thing has been discussed at this list (I just
>> subscribed) but I give at try :-)
>> I'm working on an application that should implement different protocols to
>> transfer files to servers. On of those protocols is SSH (via scp).
>> Does there exist some sort of scp module for python or is there anyway to
>> do it ?
> This question comes more or less once a month, maybe should be in
> the FAQ.
> The simple-minded approach is to call the scp
> command with os.system if you are on unix/linux,
> or, if you are on Windows, download putty and
> call pscp. 
> pyssh was not working when I tried it months ago.
> Good luck,

Well I also thought of calling the scp command with os.system but I want
to use scp in a webapplication (for Zope) and then I need to feed the
password to the scp command and I haven't been able to find out how to do
that :-(
Any hints on this ?

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