For review: PEP 308 - If-then-else expression

Andrew Koenig ark at
Mon Feb 10 14:48:17 CET 2003

>> Right.  That's one reason I don't want a conditional expression to be
>> legal as a standalone statement.

holger> I think it's insane to make up such special cases just to get
holger> some syntax in.  For starters, you would break Quixote (web
holger> application framework) because they compile Python so that an
holger> expression as a statement gets send to some object.  Breaking
holger> uniformity needs to be avoided as much as possible.
holger> Especially if the *real need* for the whole construct is
holger> debatable.

It's a question of what is possible.

I'm not proposing to break anything, because I'm not proposing to
disallow any code that is presently legal.  When I have a concrete
grammar proposal (which shouldn't be long), you'll see what I mean.

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