which Python XSLT module?

Will Stuyvesant hwlgw at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 6 11:38:22 CET 2003

[Brian Quinlan]
> As someone who knows XSLT, I'd probably approach the problem by getting
> my XSLT right on the command line (FYI, Pyana has a command line
> interface) and then worry about integrating it into my Python workflow.
> There are a number of tools out there to help you write XSLT scripts. 

Ok I am going to test your pyana project.  Could you give some URLs
for those XSLT tools you mentioned, or recommend URLs with XSLT
tutorials?  My search on google for XSLT gave me the well known "too
much to choose from" result.  And then you have to filter out all the
commercial only ones.

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