Variable interpolation or indirection for instance attributes

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Wed Feb 19 17:50:22 CET 2003

Rich wrote:

> Alex,
> Thanks. This all looks promising.  Being new to the language I need to
> do a bunch more research in order to understand it, but I now know
> what to research e.g. __slots__, __dict__,setattr, iteritems, new/old
> classes?.  I didn't see much detail on this in my 'Learning Python'
> book, which barley mentions setattr and doesn't mention iteritems.
> Just noticed it is mentioning Python 1.5.2, so it is a bit dated I
> guess.

Yes.  Learning Python's newer version will cover Python 2.2.* and
even some parts of 2.3 -- but it's an *introductory* text, not one
intended to cover complex, advanced techniques.  "Python in a
Nutshell", due out in March, may be more appropriate for those.

> Looks like you've given me the info, and a lot more to explore ... but
> it is all new territory for me and will probably take a little time to
> understand more completely.  Maybe the online docs cover this stuff
> better than my book .. or is there a book or web resource that you
> recommend for further understanding these deeper language and object
> elements.

Yes, but I _am_ biased, being the fortcoming Nutshell's author!-)


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