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> >>A few notes from a fairly experienced sprinter (as far as experience
> >>If the amount of participants to the sprint is expected to be large
> >>(10+) it is important to do some of this preparation in advance, as
> >>otherwise you'll waste lots of time on this during the sprint itself.
> >>So let everybody do a CVS checkout before the sprint, try to assign
> >>to tackle before the sprint.
> > I'd like to see someone publish a HOWTO on sprinting?
> > Is there one already?  If not, would you like to co-
> > author one, or at least let me interview you for one?
> Sure, drop me a mail. I think the current sprinting experience within
> the Python community only goes back a few years; I think the phenomenon
> started (inspired by Extreme Programming) in 2001 at Zope
> corporation for kicking off Zope 3's development.
> I heard a rumor that even the XP people hadn't actually done much along
> line of sprints yet, and that Kent Beck was curious to hear
> more about this. Open source and sprints are a rather natural fit.
> It's getting more and more popular very quickly now. Besides the quite
> frequent Zope3 sprints we now have the PyPy sprint and several
> Zope related sprints (Plone sprint recently looked like a big success).
> Quite a number of sprints are coming up (PyCon sprint(s), Zope 3 sprint
> in Australia, one in Germany, a Silva sprint); soon we'll have a sprint
> going on somewhere every week. :)
[much more useful stuff about sprinting]

> Americans do attend the European sprints)

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