And now, for something complete different (aka OT): Alex Martelli (Re: space-efficient top-N algorithm)

David Garamond lists at
Sun Feb 9 19:35:37 CET 2003

Alex Martelli wrote:
>>So I went to trying to find out when Alex started
>>actively posting again. And then I found some pretty interesting things
>>;-) Among others, the fact that Alex is going to write another book! O
> <blink> sorry, but this is news to me... I mean, at some time in the
> future I surely might want to try my hand at book writing yet again,
> but after co-editing the Cookbook and writing the Nutshell I was
> rather planning on taking a bit of a breather for a while...!

Doh. So sorry. The post I looked was dated 19 Jan _2002_, not 2003.


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