Integrate a GUI in a excel sheed

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Tue Feb 18 12:32:10 CET 2003

"Alexander Eisenhuth" <stacom at> wrote in message
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> Steve Holden schrieb:

> My basic idea is to write a COM server in python and use the COM interface
of excel to insert data.
> As I understand COM now, the objects seems to be in the same process. So
you're right im running into problems, if I use it in the way I planned it.
(MFC UI excel and wxPython UI COM server).
In fact there's a choice, and I'm guessing that Excel won't run as an
in-process server (Microsoft-speak for "subroutine :-) so there may be some
hope. Perhaps you should try a simp[le experiment with a wxPython GUI-based
Excel client anyway...

> So it sounds to me, that I have 2 possib.:
> 1) If I would keep my idea (wx-UI) it sounds like i have to create a new
process and do something with IP communication.
Python GUI + Python Excel client? That would work. You should look for pyro
(search Google, it's your friend).

> 2) or write a MFC based UI (PythonWin) and embed it as active-x control
You will find that's a bit tricky, as it's difficult to integrate the
necessary MFC resources to describe your dialog/window into PythonWin.

I may be being too pessimistic here. Let me know how you get on!


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