Python training time (was)

Brandon Van Every vanevery at
Wed Feb 5 05:20:50 CET 2003

Lee Harr wrote:
>> Useful questions, but they have no inherent rightness.  My answer,
>> for certain development environments and problem domains, is
>> "never."  There are some kinds of simple, pedal-to-the-metal, yet
>> object oriented problems that Python will never be as good a choice
>> for.  3D graphics is full of problems like that.
> Never is a very long time (even longer than 25 years ;-) The faster
> computers get, the more sense it makes to use a higher level language.

Wake me in 10 years then.  At that time, I won't even slightly care about
the efficiency of the problems I'm working on today.  It'll be interesting
to see whether C++ and/or Python are still around.  C++ definitely will be,
even if it's a fading star.  Python, well... today, the entrails look good!

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