Tutorial/example using MySQL from python CGI program

Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Mon Feb 10 02:44:06 CET 2003

Jeff Bauer wrote:
> Hi Will.
> If you're not in a hurry I might be willing to help out
> and use the experience to write up a short How-To document.

Hi Jeff!,

I a in a hurry, and I'm asking you t help not
letting current idiocrazy into another level
of perlish language extensions.

I'd even pay you!

> Jeff Bauer
> Rubicon Research
> Will Stuyvesant wrote:
>>I use Python for my CGI scripts.  On Sourceforge and other hosts they
>>have "mysql" available and they advise you to use it, instead of
>>writing to files from your CGI script.  I am quite happy using files
>>now (I have implemented some kind of filelock by creating directories
>>with a special name), but I am always open to suggestions.

Looks all very reasonable

>>Can you give short example code (like in my favorite Python book: the
>>Python Standard Library by Fredrik Lundh) how I could use that mysql
>>they seem to offer?  I am new to mysql and I usually decide if I
>>should use things based on examples, but I can not find any.  They
>>have python 1.5.2.

/Good/ reading!

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