problem with Python ASP? (builtin ASP object has been referenced which is no longer valid.)

Preston Landers pibble at
Sun Feb 2 17:46:41 CET 2003

I'm having a bit of trouble with my Python ASP pages and I'm wondering
if this is a known problem or is fixed in later versions.  I'm
currently using b149 of the win32all extensions, compiled by myself. 
I currently need to use Python 2.1, so a different version of the
extensions is not really possible for me, and if this is already
fixed, I need to try to port the fixes into the b149 tree. I don't see
anything in the b151 changes that would indicate this problem is fixed

The problem seems to be reproducable with a very simple test.asp page:

<%@ Language="Python" %>

#Resp = ax.Response
Resp = Response

Resp.Write("Hello, World.<P>")

The first time any individual user accesses the page on my site, they
get an ASP 500.100 internal server error:

Error Type:
Python ActiveX Scripting Engine, ASP 0211 (0x80020009)
A built-in ASP object has been referenced, which is no longer valid.
/testpy/test.asp, line 6

However, reload the page and everything works a dandy. Until someone
else comes along and accesses the page.  They then get the same 500
error, and then they can reload and everything is ok.  Basically it
seems like every time the "current user" changes, the get this 500
server error, and then everything works fine on reload until another
user comes along.  Very annoying, and it is currently preventing me
from deploying my Python/ASP solution.

It doesn't matter if you use Response or ax.Response -- the first
access for each new user seems to cause this "built-in ASP object has
been referenced, which is no longer valid" line.  I am NOT using a
Global.asa on the site.

has anyone seen this before?  Perhaps I am just missing something
obvious about the ASP model?

Preston Landers

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