Object "dumping"

Derek Thomson dthomson at NOSPAMusers.sf.net
Tue Feb 4 09:59:57 CET 2003

Derek Thomson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm debugging a particularly nasty problem in a moderately complex bit 
> of Python, and I really need something that I can use to just print out 
> the state of an object.

Okay, I've tracked down my bug and nailed it thanks to the little 
"dumper" module I wrote, which was based on everyone's help.

So, thanks for the help and advice, and you can all have the warm glow 
that comes with helping someone get the next release of an open source 
Python module out the door (http://www.fnorb.org). We've just got to do 
various mundane release type tasks now, and we're done. Look for the 
announcement on comp.lang.python.announce in the next few days.

Thanks again!

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