Visual Python the only game in town?

David Gausebeck gausebec-spam at
Mon Feb 10 23:31:09 CET 2003

>If I want first class integration with the Visual Studio IDE, is Visual
>Python the only game in town?

I don't know of anything else that will do it, but let me know if you
find something.

I use VS just as an editor (because it's a really nice editor),
accessing files on a linux box over SMB.  Then for testing/etc. I just
use command-line stuff on the linux box.

However, in order to make VS into a decent editor for python, it needs
to recognize python keywords, comments, and preferably understand the
syntax enough to handle indenting well.  I could get VS to recognize
the keywords, and I can live without smart indenting, but the
inability of VS to recognize # as a comment makes the whole thing look
really ugly.

Visual Python isn't what I want because
1) I have VS6, not VS.NET
2) I don't want to pay $300 to make comments a different color


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