Interaction with the shell

Tyson Tate nilobject at
Sat Feb 1 00:13:44 CET 2003

I have a def like so:
import os

def main():
	print "Host [localhost]:",
	host = raw_input(" ")
	if host == "":
		host = "localhost"
	print "Command [ls]:",
	command = raw_input(" ")
	if command == "":
		command = "ls"
	data = os.popen("ssh " + host + " " + command).read()
	print "Got dat: '" + data + "'"
I'd like to enter the password from within the code (i.e. so that the 
user doesn't enter the password). How might I do this? The man pages on 
ssh don't say that there are any parameters through which I can supply 
the password.

TIA, as always!

Tyson Tate, Editor
Entropy Magazine
"Nourishment For The Starved."

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