Python license - Can I use it for my own software?

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Fri Feb 7 21:44:19 CET 2003

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> [dsavitsk]
> > Why is there no link on's main page to a license?  Or is
> > and I just don't find it.
> There is no license in the sense you're looking for.  Each release of
> is under a distinct license, so you need to go to a (any) "download
> page to find a link to the license for that specific release of Python.
> example, follow the home page's "Python 2.2" link, and then follow the
> latter's "License" link to find the license for Python 2.2.2:
> The licenses differ in obvious ways, like s/2.2.1/2.2.2/, but need to be
> distinct just because of that.

Perhaps there could be a link from the main page to
which might bring up a page explaining the jist of the python licenses and
pointing to all of the different versions?


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