distutils install on windows

Lee Harr missive at frontiernet.net
Sun Feb 2 23:33:19 CET 2003


I am writing a library which uses Python and Pygame to help
people get started programming very quickly. It is a pure
python distribution and it is packaged with distutils.

The thing is, to install on *nix is easy, just
python setup.py install
but for my extreme-newbie windows users it is not quite so
straight forward:

- Their dos-prompt path does not seem to have the python.exe
   I tried to help get that set up, but we have not yet been
   able to figure it out.
- But they can run python scripts by double-clicking on them.


Maybe the default for setup.py should be "install" so that
they can just click on setup.py and have it install the

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