nested functions - access to variables?

Oleg Leschov kalmas at
Wed Feb 26 18:40:20 CET 2003

hi all.

suppose we have a program like this one:
g = 100

def a():
    g = 200
    def b():
        global g
        g = 300
    print g

print g

this thing prints 200 300, while i really need it to print 300 100.
When I remove 'global g', it prints 200 100, as one should expect.

If curious, the original function parses certain syntax constructing list-based 
tree from it.
I do not want to pollute real global namespace with function-specific subprograms 
and variables..

So the question is, how to access function's variables from its nested function?
Python version is 2.2.

The other question - will there be (or already is) in Python something similar in 
functionality to variant types from FPLs?
not counting different perversions with checking for None...

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