Voting for PEP 308

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Sun Feb 9 17:53:32 CET 2003

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>> Well, I'm certainly flattered.  I should note formally for the record
>> that I'm opposed to PEP 308, but I think I've cultivated a sufficient
>> record for honesty that it shouldn't matter.  If other people want me to
>> do this, here's how I plan to run the vote:
>> The e-mail address of all voters will be publicized, along with the vote
>> cast.  (Just like Usenet voting.)
> says:
>> In the Apache project, this voting is formalized and is how binding
>> project decisions are made, but in Python it's just a concise way to
>> express opinions in a straw poll and the result isn't binding in any
>> way.
>So, does this have a precedent?

Your question is not sufficiently clear.  Please expand it.
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