Python vs. C++ Builder - speed of development

Erik Max Francis max at
Mon Feb 3 02:19:39 CET 2003

Jacob Hallen wrote:

> This whole debate is rather interesting. In one corner we have a sole
> person
> who has made significant development in C++ and essentially none in
> Python.

And note, for the record, that it's clear that he's using a tiny subset
of C++ (he's using more of what would have been called C with Classes
rather than full-fledged modern, Standard C++, with exceptions and
templates), eschews generality instead of specificity, and works in
single-user projects only.

The people chiming in about C++ use full Standard C++ with all its
advanced features and have worked in small teams.  It's not just small
apples vs. larger apples, it's apples vs. oranges.

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