Python's 8-bit cleanness deprecated?

Mike Romberg romberg at
Mon Feb 10 23:17:01 CET 2003

>>>>> " " == Kirill Simonov <kirill_simonov at> writes:

     > * M.-A. Lemburg <mal at>:
    >> No, but they'll need to pay some lucky Python programmer to get
    >> rid off the warning :-) Seriously, the warning and the trouble
    >> are intended as I already mentioned in the bug report Kirill
    >> filed on SF: :

     > Sorry, but I'm not convinced. I hope you still have patience to
     > hear my objections.

     > And I can propose a perfect solution. If there are no defined
     > encoding for a source file, assume that it uses a simple 8-bit
     > encoding. Do not convert the file into UTF-8 in the
     > tokenizer. And do not convert string literals in the
     > compiler. Raise SyntaxError if a non-ASCII character is
     > contained in a Unicode literal. We will even save a few CPU
     > cycles for most Python source files using this approach.

  I like this suggestion.  The current behavior would prevent the
project I'm working on from ever using python 2.3.  This seems like a
perfectly reasonable way to add this new support without causing havoc
to all the existing code that is out there.

Mike Romberg

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