ReadyExec framework

holger krekel pyth at
Mon Feb 3 22:00:53 CET 2003

Anthony_Barker wrote:
> I stumbled upon this neat looking framework
> Does anyone have experience with it? It looks much simpler than using twisted etc...

Thanks a lot for this link!  I looked through it and it targets a quite
different problem domain than twisted.  The latter is for writing 
event based services and also offers database, object brokering
and what not.

readyexec mainly works in unix environments and diminuishes 
startup-time by orders of magnitude (i haven't measured, though).
Mr. Frank Tobin seemingly has written a simple ANSI-C-client (not
requiring python!) that dispatches execution of a python script  
to a server process. Thus you don't take the time penalty for
interpreter-startup and module imports. 

Now it would probably be interesting to know what you actually
want to do.  



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