What py-opportunities in Old Europe?

William wilk-spamout at flibuste.net
Mon Feb 3 15:12:08 CET 2003

laotseu <bdesth at removethis.free.fr> writes:

> MyPy wrote:
> > I've been working as a C++ developer for several years and now I would
> > like to start a one-man company in the software consultancy business.
> > Some months ago I gave Python a try and apparently it seems
> > well-suited for fast deployment of complex applications for all the
> > reasons you're well aware of. But the point is: is there a *real*
> > market for python consultants? I've had a look at the job board on
> > python.org and searched some job sites (e.g. jobserve.com) but I could
> > find only few open positions, besides my personal experience suggests
> > that there are many (?) customers out there looking for VB, C++, Java
> > people but no one even knows Python.  At least that is what happened
> > to me here in Italy. So does anyone want to share his own
> > feelings/thoughts/experience about  working as a py-freelance in
> > Europe?
> > Cheers
> >
> Talking about one-man company and Python, here in France we have
> William Dode http://www.flibuste.net/
> I'm not sure he read this ng, so you'd better email him directly.

I'm here !

But i must say that python is completly unknow here, even for computer
There is a handful of company who use python and say it (easter-eggs,
logilab, and some using zope).
For example, it's very difficult to find shared web-hosting with python.

I can use python for my work (with a lot of satisfaction ! thanks gvr
and all the pythoners) because my clients trust me and are not
developpers themselves.

So, working alone is great because you can choose your langage, but
it can be hard to collaborate with others.

I would like also to know if it's different in others countries.


William Dode - http://flibuste.net

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