module similar to Perl Net::Server

rayed rayed at
Wed Feb 5 12:53:57 CET 2003

Thanks Andrew,

These are really nice features, but it add more complexity to the program.

Andrew Bennetts wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 04, 2003 at 02:56:49PM +0300, rayed wrote:
>>I need a database access, and I don't want to block other connections 
>>when querying the database.
> That's ok.  You can use twisted.enterprise.adbapi, which automatically wraps
> a DB-API 2.0 module into an asynchronous interface (it does the DB
> interactions in threads, and then fires an event in the main loop).
> Or if you prefer, you could use twisted.internet.threads.deferToThread,
> which will run a function in a thread, and fire a callback on a Deferred
> when done.
> Twisted is asynchronous, but it gives you convenient ways to work with
> blocking code when necessary.
> -Andrew.

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