Recomendations on Python databases

Bob Ballard rballard_99 at
Wed Feb 26 19:41:51 CET 2003

Thanks for all the recommentations.  I was thinking MySQL or PostgreSQL
since I have a blog that uses MySQL and am somewhat familiar with it.
However, the first requirement is non server based.  Many of the suggestions
are really helpful.  Thanks

"Bob Ballard" <rballard_99 at> wrote in message
news:b3hb4k$nco$1 at
> I'm planning on writing a record keeping and reporting app with a
> I don't want to have to depend on the user having Access and the DB will
> not, at least at this point, be on the web.  I'd like the app to be
> stand-alone.
> So, what database would one suggest?  Open source (free) preferred.
> If I do move it to the web or Linux in the future then suggestions as to
> what I should take into account now make that as painless as possible
> be appreciated.
> I've done this as a C program back in the mid 80's using an ISAM lib and
> an Access VBA program a few years ago.  I now wanna do it in Python and
> wxPython.  Any db pointers?
> Tks, Bob

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