OO patterns with Python

Michele Simionato mis6 at pitt.edu
Tue Feb 11 16:28:42 CET 2003

"Patrick Useldinger" <no at way.lu> wrote in message news:<3e4800b2_2 at news.vo.lu>...
> Hello all,
> I am an "experienced" programmer, but as I've worked on mainframes for the
> last 13 years I never had the opportunity to experiment with OO. I've now
> decided to close that enormous gap, and chose Python as the language to do
> so.
> My understanding is that OO is not that trivial, and that patterns have been
> created as template solutions for common or difficult problems. As there
> seems to be no specific book on patterns with Python, can anybody recommend
> a book or a URL on patters which is language-independant, so that I do not
> have to learn C++, Java or whatever first?

As many others have said, patterns are not so important in Python.
I would suggest you start from the _Python Cookbook_, which contains
quite a lot of good stuff (and a chapter on OOP, too).

This has been already suggested, but "repetita iuvant". 
I think he "Cookbook" is worth its money, whereas I am not sure about 
some of the more theoretical (as opposed to practical) books on patterns.

Good luck,


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