float / double support in Python?

Alexander Schmolck a.schmolck at gmx.net
Tue Feb 11 15:21:24 CET 2003

"Brandon Van Every" <vanevery at 3DProgrammer.com> writes:

> You think we should all use 64-bit integers because some machines do it
> natively, and others can do it with an emulation library?  You think we
> should all use 2-byte wide chars because the Japanese need them?  Why stop
> at 8-byte doubles then?  Why not implement arbitrary precision integer and
> floating point libraries?  Well, because on real computers, efficiency and
> storage are issues, duh.

What exactly is your problem with figuring out that whether individual
floating points numbers are represented as doubles or singles by python makes
about 0 difference memory and speedwise, given all the object overhead?  If
you need plenty of floats then you can always use the relevant array or C(++)
inlining packages. And if you had ever bothered to read the docs you'd know
that python indeed *has* arbitrary precision integer arithmetic. And yes, we
should all use multibyte chars, because guess what, out of the about 6 billion
people around only a fraction exclusively uses characters in the ascii range
and even some english speakers have been known to use mathematical or other
symbols, or spell naïve and given the bloat of the average word or xml
document, the overhead for nonascii really isn't going to kill anyone.

> > It is generally a useful thing to post with a working mind, so you
> > don't come across the wrong way. :)
> I disagree.  My working mind has to go towards the life tasks that will make
> me money, or that produce great art, or help friends in jeopardy, or
> otherwise secure something of tremendous value to me.  A Python debate ain't
> it.  I don't greatly care if I come across "the wrong way" on a Usenet

So in other words, its OK to waste other people's time asking them for free
help (often about things a 14 year old could look up in seconds) when you are
tired, irritable and have even less intellectual capacity then when you're
awake? Well, I guess by now even the most goodwilled will have had enough.

> forum.  My experience on Usenet is that crowds cannot be pleased, so there
> is no point.  The only tremendously civilized Usenet is moderated Usenet.
> Even then, I'm often surprised at what some moderators allow.
> > Anyway, Python by itself is just not a very good language for low
> > level performance oriented programming such as 3D programming. It is
> > a very
> > good language for high level concept oriented programming, however.
> > It may help glueing together low level performance oriented things,
> > as well. Perhaps considering it that way will be enlightening.
> I agree.  Actually, this is all very circular for how this thread came to
> be.

So if python isn't good for 3D programming why are you still here? Aren't you
missed somewhere?


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