PEP308: Yet another syntax proposal

Paul Rudin Paul_Rudin at
Mon Feb 10 18:03:14 CET 2003

>>>>> "Aahz" == Aahz  <aahz at> writes:

 Aahz> In article <YUP1a.3080$SB2.242 at>,
 Aahz> Raymond Hettinger <python at> wrote:
 >>  I suggest:
 >> cond ??  val1 || val2

 Aahz> +0.5

 Aahz> I still have yet to see a clear explanation of why
 Aahz> short-circuit is necessary...

Because computing the unwanted branch might be expensive or might
modify state, or both.

Just imagine you're entering a state-of-the-art CAR WASH!!

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