[OT] Seeking Minimal Python Project Name

Giles Brown giles_brown at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 14 19:15:27 CET 2003

"F. GEIGER" <fgeiger at datec.at> wrote in message news:<3e22b7f7 at news.swissonline.ch>...
> Seems somebody has started a competition in finding names for Minimal
> Python.
> Minimal Python -> Mython.
> Children's Python (this kind of pythons really exists, German:
> Zwergpython) -> Chython
> Small Python -> Smython
> Dwarf + Python -> Dwython

Taking a similar approach you could have: (s)elf (h)osting (py)thon -> shpy
(to be pronounced like spy by someone doing a bad sean connery impression.)

Giles Brown

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