Best Python Editor (under Linux)

Jeff Kowalczyk jtk at
Fri Jan 3 21:13:16 CET 2003

I second this call for RPMs. I've been trying off and on for two weeks getting the
supporting libraries (particulary QScintilla) to build install correctly on RedHat8. I
almost had PyQt and QScintilla going from the RH7.3 src RPMS provided on Freshmeat, but
the build dies late in the game. I've never even gotten eric3's dependencies satisfied.

Based on the nice pictures I can see from the website, I think there's going to be a lot
of happy new eric3 users if the binary packaging made it easier to get up and running on
the latest major distros.

> Yes, please someone package (eric3) up!  I have been dying to try this out,
> and have been trying to install PyQt/Qscintilla for a few days now.  I
> spent the holidays setting up a fresh Linux box at home for the sole
> purpose of trying eric3 out.  I have yet to experience success.  I
> cannot seem to compile PyQt/Qscintilla properly for eric to install.
> All of the issues seem to be related to Qt and it messing with the
> compile stages of PyQt/Qscintilla.
> The binaries on sourceforge are next to useless for the latest eric3
> because the PyQt RPMS don't have Qscintilla support in them!  I'm sure
> there would be a lot more interest in this editor/debugger if it would
> install effortlessly (well...reasonably effortlessly - at least have the
> supporting packages compile properly).
> (BTW - I am currently running Mandrake 9)
> Mark.

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