Idea: __all__ in classes?

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Fri Jan 17 13:49:57 CET 2003

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> mlh at (Magnus Lie Hetland) writes:
> > I just had an idea: Perhaps the following could be a useful
> > for private attributes (and methods)?
> As a gut reaction, Heck No.  I'm a fan of cooperative encapsulation.
> [snip heresy <wink>]
> > With properties and metaclasses this should be fairly easy to
> > implement. (The private stuff I've already implemented with
> > a while back.)
> How do you distinguish access from inside the class and access
> outside?
> > Of course this need not be the default behaviour; a superclass with
> > a suitable __metaclass__ attribute would be sufficient...
> In which case ...
> > I guess my question is whether this seems like a good idea at all...
> > And if it, perhaps, should be proposed as a PEP for inclusion in the
> > standard libs or something?
> ... no.
> All IMHO, of course.
> Hmm, maybe pychecker could look for this sort of thing, though.  Or
> you could issue warnings on "inappropriate" accesses.  Strangely, I
> find that idea much more acceptable, and I'm not quite sure why.

Because there's already a convention for declaring a variable private:
begin the name with an underscore. I don't know if pyChecker looks
for this, but it certainly could.

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