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Mon Jan 20 14:26:17 CET 2003

Will Stuyvesant wrote:

> [Tim Roberts]
> This is not correct.  Tkinter is a standard module that comes with the
> default Python installation.  wxPython is an add-in module you have to
> download from their website.
> On the OT: what is a bounded control??  Would a Tkinter slider control
> do?
> '''
> That curdles my toes.
> '''

A bound control is were you can attach a database field to an input box and 
all updates are applied to the data, if desired.  In VFP you can use bound 
controls or code the the entire process in code.  VFP uses two data 
buffers, one that is attached to the control and another (unchanged) to 
revert incase the user doesn't want to save the changes or if there is an 
update conflict.  I can write all of this in code, but I write a bunch of 
utilities where bound controls are handy.  Just paint the form, attach data 
fields, add a few buttons and you're good to go.  I haven't look at TCL/TK 
enough to know what it offers.  With so many python possiblities I was 
looking for some direction on data handling.  I'm looking at python since 
it has multiple OS capibilities.

Anyone have comments on Boa or gnome-db or other such python critters.

reh - Texas,USA
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