Which exception has been used? (was: Which exception to use?)

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Fri Jan 31 00:22:27 CET 2003


> Suppose, as is always true, though, that I'm dealing
> with modules not under my control.  How do I catch
> "other"?  There must be something I'm missing about
> the new type and exception systems, 'cause I don't 
> see a Pythonic way to write
>   ....
>   except OTHER, e:
>       # The foreign code threw an exception of
>       #    a type I don't recognize, but I need
>       #    to process/log/... 'e'.
>       cope(e)
> Yes, I can write
>   ....
>   except:
>       cope()
> but then I've lost the information I want in 'e'.

 It is sitting around in  sys.exc_info(). Grab it before another exception

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