ActiveX Spy utility?

Paul Rubin phr-n2003b at
Fri Jan 31 07:51:54 CET 2003

"Robert Oschler" <no_replies at fake_email_address.invalid> writes:
> Has anybody seen a utility that will let you see the calls being made by an
> ActiveX control client?  For an ActiveX control client where you don't have
> the source for the client.  Something for ActiveX calls that would be like
> the MSVC studio Spy++ utility does for Windows API calls.

You know, I sort of remember seeing something like that during a time
when I actually had to mess with ActiveX controls (ugh!).  I've mostly
repressed the memory now.  

Anyway, the obvious approach is to build some kind of proxy object
that sits between the client and the ActiveX control that it's trying
to call.  You can replace the registry entry for the target GUID and
have it point to your own object that intercepts the calls before
possibly passing them on to the real object, sort of like a TSR.  We
actually thought of building our application to work that way, but
thankfully we found other methods.

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