Python vs. Ruby

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Thu Jan 2 19:08:14 CET 2003


Core language wise, they're equal... follow your heart as
your purse will tell you Java/Perl. 

On a personal note, I love Python for it's ease of use, but the
robust modules keep me coming back. I can count on Python to
have a Perl module counter part done in about six months and 
for it to be of very high quality.  If this were not true then
I would hold my nose and write Perl.  If Ruby is six months behind
Python, then it is a year behind Perl (please excuse the gross 
over simplification, but I make my point). Ask yourself, can I wait a 
year or so for a new module to come out? Maybe, maybe not.



Fred <fred_news at> wrote in message news:<_YhQ9.391356$GR5.119074 at>...
> Hello all.
> I know Python and have come to love it very much. Nearly all of my 
> scripting tasks with large databases are written in it.
> My question is this -- what are the qualitative differences between 
> Python and Ruby? Does Ruby has any strengths, either in the language 
> itself or its available libraries, that are better than Python? Or are 
> they pretty much even?
> Also, on the issue of threading -- does Ruby have better support for 
> threading than Python? Or are they pretty much equal?
> Thanks in advance for all of your responses.
> -Fred

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