Newbie How do I get Calendar input from the PythonCard component Calendar?

Bubba bub at
Wed Jan 15 18:49:16 CET 2003

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003 12:32:16 -0500, Peter Hansen <peter at>
I'm using the minimal app as a strating point. Added the calendar to
it. My latest attemp follows. This doesn't result in errors, but no
class Calendar(model.Background):

   def on_menuFileExit_select(self,event):
   def on_incrBtn_mouseClick(self, event):
     startValue = int(self.components.field1.text)
     endValue = startValue + 1
     print endValue
     self.components.field1.text = str(endValue) 
   def on_decrBtn_mouseClick(self, event):
     startValue = int(self.components.field1.text)
     endValue = startValue - 1
     self.components.field1.text = str(endValue)
   def on_resetBtn_mouseClick(self, event):
     startValue = int(self.components.field1.text)
     self.components.field1.text = "0"
   def on_calValue_mouseClick(self, event):
     startValue = int(self.components.calValue.text)
     print startValue
     self.components.field1.text = startValue
     print startvalue  
>Bubba wrote:
>> Tried many wasy all result in errorrs
>Hmmm.... if you can post a few examples of your attempts, pasted
>from the interactive interpreter, helping you out will be a lot

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