McMillan installer on OS X

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Thu Jan 30 16:28:09 CET 2003

In article <b68f71a7.0301300622.5d13c136 at>,
 alan_salmoni at (Alan James Salmoni) wrote:

> Has anyone tried using the McMillan installer on MacIntosh OSX, and if
> so, with what degree of success?

I tried and it seems to work, but it needs a patch: on OSX there's no 
"ldd" program. In, replace

    os.system('ldd "%s" >%s' %(pth, tmpf))


    os.system('otool -L "%s" >%s' %(pth, tmpf))

(I forwarded this to Gordon but I'm not sure whether he incorporated in 
a new release. I don't even know whether there was a release since I 

I haven't used it extensively, let alone in production, so I can't 
really tell how well it works.


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