Do pythons like sugar?

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Fri Jan 10 22:15:32 CET 2003

Chad Netzer <cnetzer at> writes:

> I found Afanasiy's responses to be the presumptuous ones, like he is
> *entitled* to a helpful response to a poorly posed question?  Should
> the answer have been a simple and curt "no", without any further
> inquiry?  I'll bet that wouldn't have garnered an "okay, thank you"
> response.

This is something I wondered about too.  And if that were the answer,
is it really anyone's opinion that the newsgroup would be more
polite/helpful because of it?  

I once had a friend who doesn't do much computational theory ask me "I
have this linked list that I have to search a lot, but it's real slow.
Is there any way to search a linked list faster?"  I could have just
said no, but it seems to me to be more helpful to suggest that if he
is going to search a lot a hash table, avl tree, or even just a sorted
array, might be a much better data type.

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