Python vs .Net

Karsten W. Rohrbach karsten at
Sun Jan 5 23:24:19 CET 2003

Laura Creighton <lac at> wrote:

[strong/weak/dynamic typing]

> which teach precisely this.  And, no, it doesn't mean that people
> like Karsten W. Rohrbach don't understand the difference between
> what Python does, and what Perl does -- but when they want to
> discuss this difference, they speak of whether the language does
> or does not support 'automatic promotion of types' -- which is
> completely independent of whether you have to declare them or not,
> and whether you can rebind them on the fly.

Laura, thanks for the kind words. As you implictly pointed out, I am
not a programming language designer, and obviously my dictionary lacks
the right words to stick to the right terminology. Checking the archives
brought quite some enlightenment. In the first place I should have
written something like "a language."

As for the ".NET vs. Python" issue, I think the message was clear
enough. One of them is a framework, one might call it more a strategy.
The other one is a programming language.

    >>> hair.split()
    ['But', "isn't", 'Python', 'also', 'a', 'strategy?']



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