iterating in reverse

Nick Vargish nav at
Fri Jan 17 21:58:49 CET 2003

"Steve Holden" <sholden at> writes:

> Here's my own non-reversing solution. Again, it would need tweaking for
> negative numbers to avoid results like "-,123".
> I've even tested it.

Even in Python, TMTOWTDI... That one was great, thanks Steve.


#include<stdio.h> /* SigMask 0.3 (sig.c) 19990429 PUBLIC DOMAIN "Compile Me" */
int main(c,v)char *v;{return !c?putchar(*v-1)&&main(0,v+ /* Tweaks welcomed. */
1):main(0,"Ojdl!Wbshjti!=obwAqbusjpu/ofu?\v\1");}  /* build: cc -o sig sig.c */

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