These are discouraging stats to Perlistas & Pythonistas...

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Fri Jan 10 18:23:25 CET 2003

genericax at (Sara) wrote in message news:<776e0325.0301070721.7405a312 at>...
> I'd be a parking attendant  before I'd learn ASP. You may
> be taking over the world Bill but you ain't getting ME!
Sometimes you have to give a little to get.

When I came here my company was 100% NT/ASP/SqlServer for their web
applications. There was no way I was going to sell them on a complete
change, so I started slipping it under the radar a piece at a time.

I remember the first time: we needed to generate graphs on the fly. As
people sat comparing prices and licensing issues on the various
VBScript/ActiveX solutions I whipped it up a demo using Python and
PIL. Sold. It worked, it worked for free, and it could operate
seamlessly with the massive, steaming pile of vbscript. Since then
I've been implementing more and more of our project in Python. Sure
I'm still in ASP but I'm building up a nice library of Python modules
that are called from the ASP/Python scripts.

I'd say about 90% of the code I write now is Python, and my constant
preaching is slowly winning converts. They haven't really dived in but
I get a lot of "wow that is pretty cool" these days. One BIG selling
point to ASP people is making changes to a module and being able to
open an shell, import it, and test the function. And I mean REALLY
test the function. Most of what you're returning to a web app is lists
or lists of lists to be displayed. Sitting there interactively picking
apart the results of a function, as used to Python guys and gals are
to doing, gets a huge wow from an asp/vbscript crowd. They're used to
refreshing web pages and hoping errors don't fall in between table
elements that display.

I'm planning on taking another beachhead by working Cheetah in this
spring. Wish me luck comrades. :)

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