HELP! Must choose language!

Erik Max Francis max at
Wed Jan 1 04:48:42 CET 2003

Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:

>         Assuming you mean to only learn at the introduction level
> (since
> mastery takes time) I'd suggest: ...
> Historical numerical processing:        FORTRAN 77 ...
> Historical business processing:         COBOL
> An ALGOL descendent (block structured): Ada
> A scripting (interpreted) language:     Python (both Ada and Python
> have
> forms of Object Orientation, Fortran 90 introduces modules so may be
> moving toward OO, and some of the newest COBOLs claim to be Object
> Oriented).
> A LISP descendent:      Common Lisp or Scheme (if you are using EMACS
> you
> may already have a LISP available <G>)

My list for breadth would include C, probably Java instead of C++,
Prolog, Scheme instead of Common Lisp, and perhaps just a touch of

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