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Erik Max Francis max at
Wed Jan 1 05:14:25 CET 2003

Laura Creighton wrote:

> But  <snip> ...five hundred sixty-seven and quintillion,  ... <snip>
> should be 'five hundred and sixty-seven quintillion', no?  Is there a
> bug in the code or the pasting of the answer?

The way I learned my numbers, there shouldn't be an _and_ there at all. 
_And_, we were told over and over again, was only for indicating the
decimal point.  So 123 456 789 should be "one-hundred twenty-three
million, four-hundred fifty-six thousand, seven-hundred eighty-nine." 
12.34 should be "twelve and thirty-four hundredths."

Different generations, I suppose, got taught different things, though.

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