base64.decodestring problem

Manuel Ruiz mruiz at
Tue Jan 14 18:18:35 CET 2003

Yes, I'm opening files in binary mode.

When I save the string that xmlrpclib give to me from base64.decodestring()
the file is bigger than the file that I get if I save the base64 string into
a file and I use base64.decode() for obtain the binary file. The second way
give to me correct files, first one give to me wrong files.

This matter only happen in Windows, in linux it is running fine.


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    Manuel> I'm using base64 with xmlrpclib to implement a xmlrpc server.
    Manuel> The server is running fine, and the client under Linux/Solaris
    Manuel> run fine too.

    Manuel> However, the same client under Windows don't run correctly.

May sure you open the output file in binary mode on Windows.


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