skinnable, portable widgets?

Warren Postma warren.postma at
Sun Jan 26 19:51:21 CET 2003

Sorry Brandon, couldn't resist this:

> I'm looking for a GUI widget toolkit that:
[summary:  wants a widget set for cross platform game toolkit]

The SDL is a cross platform GUI toolkit for games, but is weak
on the 'widget' side of things, since game toolkits usually give you 
only the ability to write text on the screen, and some bitmaps, and 
maybe render your 3d polygons.    Basically the widget set you need for
games is a pair of bitmaps which you page flip between, and then 
everything else should be drawing lines, text, and bitmaps on top of a 
3d background screen. Thats how all the recent games I've seen do things.


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