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Thu Jan 9 07:36:41 CET 2003

judoscript at (James Huang) wrote previously:
|...but you totally missed what JudoScript is about:
|it's not about syntax. I couldn't care less about so many discussions
|about differences between Python and Java and C++ and SmallTalk and
|... even beyond syntax level. JudoScript is about direct-ness.

This sort of silliness is exactly what annoys users of other programming
(scripting) languages.  The differences between JudoScript and Jython,
or NetRexx, or Jacl, *really is* a matter of syntax.  Well, not quite...
there are minor differences in the semantic models also.  But being able
to access Java classes and utilize the JVM is absolutely not special to
JudoScript (nor is being "multi-domain", or "4GL", or "general purpose",
or any of the dozen other buzzwords on the JudoScript site).  Take a
look at the below for a couple dozen other similar projects:

There's nothing particularly -wrong- with JudoScript, except that all
the claims made about it are hyperbolic nonsense, full of exaggerations,
false differences, and annoying marketese.  Actually, in those respects
it reminds of of the wearying advertisement one finds in REBOL
documentation (another language with comparatively similar target and

Moreover, all the claims for JudoScript being "fundamentally new",
better, cleaner, more powerful, etc. are rather undermined by the fact
its author doesn't know the meaning of rather basic CompSci concepts
like "weakly-typed."

Yours, Lulu...

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