The "beaty" of date arithmetic

Hans-Joachim Widmaier hjwidmaier at
Mon Jan 27 17:07:42 CET 2003

Tim Peters < at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1043427406.25766.python-list at>...

> It's actually easy to supply answers to all such puzzles, but they're more
> arbitrary than compelling, and one size doesn't fit anyone.

I just knew it would be misunderstood ... My problem wasn't with the
fuzziness or complexity of the arithmetic itself, as I think I
undestand the implications well enough. I just found this playing with
tuple->list conversion and indexes (indices?) plain ugly. That was
really all. ;-)

> > ...
> > I already compiled 2.3a1 but didn't install it as it didn't pass the
> > tests.
> Which OS, which tests, etc -- if problems aren't reported, they won't get
> fixed.  That's pretty much the point of an alpha release <wink>.

Linux, home-grown (LFS). Don't remember exactly what went wrong, but
afair it wasn't with the interpreter itself. More like "bsddb not
found" (I have it installed). Before whining, I wanted to look for the
exact reason, but haven't found the time yet. Sorry.

If I find a real bug I'll certainly file a bug report.


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