A few quick questions

Alex Martelli aleax at aleax.it
Thu Jan 30 10:42:56 CET 2003

Anthony Irwin wrote:

> I am Interested in learning more about python, I would like to know how
> people feel it rates as an application development language. I mainly use
> linux but also use windows at work.

I think Python is the best language you can use to develop applications,
PARTICULARLY in such a cross-platform scenario.

> could anyone point out any good gui programming tutorials for linux or
> crossplatform toolkits 

Personally, I love PyQt -- among its advantages is an excellent tutorial
Boudewijn Rempt, see http://www.xs4all.nl/~bsarempt/python/book.html .

> and also maybe some review articles on how well
> python rates as a language.

You mean something like:



> would it be possible to create programs like dreamweaver, games, database
> business apps etc. Or is it more suited to smaller projects.

Python is perfectly suitable for developing large applications, as
well as small ones.  See:
for some real-world examples.  For games specifically, see
http://pygame.org/ -- a most excellent cross-platform game
development toolkit wrapping the SDL library.


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