Something like asynchronous XML-RPC possible?

Will Stuyvesant hwlgw at
Fri Jan 24 15:04:06 CET 2003

[Irmen de Jong]
> Are you tied to XML-RPC? Is UDP a requirement?
> If not: Pyro supports your desired usage pattern already.
> Either use Pyro's asynchronous Event Server, or use Pyro's
> "oneway" method calls.
> They currently use TCP for reliable delivery, but once the
> request has been sent, your program carries on, not waiting for
> any answers from the other object.
> See

I am not really tied to XML-RPC, but synchronous XML-RPC gives me the
transparancy to write:

  r = remote_process(url, port, ...)
  result = r.operation(params)

so I can use r just like any other class instance object.

What I want to do now is::

  r = remote_event_handler(url, port, ...)
  r.sendEvent(event)  # this statement has realtime constraints
                      # note there is no waiting for return values

I *know* I am not tied to UDP but to convince my boss I would have to
use UDP since he knows that is asynchronous.  Otherwise I would have
to convince him that what I am doing is also okay.  Using UDP would
save me from lengthly explanations and discussions.  I can foresee not
being able to convince them that the "components" I build have an
asynchronous semantics unless they communicate via UDP.  You know

"Sounds interesting, but why don't you just use UDP like we asked you

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